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What is Hurricane Insurance?


This insurance can be used to pay for various expenses by homeowners who have been the victims of a hurricane. Such an insurance covers homes and other permanent and movable structures. A claim can only be filed after a hurricane has been confirmed by the appropriate local and national weather agencies.


Who it is For


Hurricane insurance is designed to give some financial security for homeowners who reside in areas that are vulnerable to hurricanes and tropical storms. Various types of residential properties can be insured including single-family homes, multi-family homes, apartment buildings, condominiums and other similar units. In order to buy such an insurance and make a claim, a person has to show official proof of ownership of a property in question.


How it Works


Insurance agencies that provide such coverage often thoroughly study the weather patterns in specific regions. Homes that are situated along coastlines are considered to be at high risk of being blasted by hurricanes. After such an extreme weather event sweeps through an area, policy holders can file a claim for any property damage and other expenses. However, the insurance agency has to confirm the actual occurrence of a hurricane by retaining information from national weather monitors. The Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale is used to determine the intensity of the hurricane and the likely damage that might occur to insured homes.


Different Types of Coverage in Existence


Insurance for hurricanes pays for restorations and repairs of homes, garages, sheds, pool houses, gazebos and other similar installations. The interior of damaged structures can also be fixed and restored with money from this insurance coverage. After a hurricane, driveways and landscaping must also be redone due to extensive damage. Such an insurance policy provides the money that's needed for full-scale remodeling on an insured property.


Major Benefits


This insurance yields a lot of financial benefits for people who live in coastal communities. While living with the threat of a hurricane, individuals who purchase such an insurance can get some peace of mind and plenty of financial security. Such insurance can even be used to rebuild a home that's been completely destroyed by a hurricane


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