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If you are like most people, you have at least some liability coverage on some of your existing insurance policies. This may include a homeowners policy, an auto or boat policy or another type of policy. An umbrella insurance policy is designed to provide you with extra liability insurance so that you have the extra peace of mind you need. There are many types of events that you could be held liable for, such as a car accident, an accident in your home or something else where another party is injured or their personal property is damaged. You may be held liable for replacing personal property that is damaged, medical bills, legal bills and other expenses, and the total amount that is owed can be extraordinary in some cases. Your primary insurance policy may pay for some of your losses related to the liability incident, but there are times when your liability exposure is greater than the coverage limits you have in place. This would be yours to pay for if you do not have umbrella insurance.


Umbrella coverage will apply after the insurance on your primary policy has been exhausted. You should be prepared to pay a deductible on both the primary insurance policy and the umbrella policy as both will have their own separate deductible that you are responsible for. The umbrella policy also has limits on coverage, and it may state specific liability events that it does or does not cover. These can vary by policy, so it is important to have all of the information on the policy up-front and to know what is and is not included in your policy. When you shop around for coverage, you may consider looking for a policy that is more inclusive rather than limiting on the coverage it provides.


Liability exposure is a serious concern for many people, and this may be a more affordable way to increase liability coverage than increasing coverage on your primary policy. You can learn more about umbrella policies and the different policy options available today as a first step toward getting the protection that you need.

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